The Nation State

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Some years ago I read “The Business” by the excellent, and sadly terminally ill, Scottish author Iain Banks. The premise of this novel is that there is a shadowy, ancient, global organization with fingers in every pie who are using their wealth and influence to buy a nation to get their own seat at the U.N.

A couple of years later, as Apple’s cash pile grew, I began to wonder if that was what was Apple was up to (along with wondering if the “spaceship” HQ was actually a spaceship).

I’m the first to admit that I’m an Apple fanboy, and I believe Tim Cook when he says that Apple have paid a huge amount of tax (and have paid more than they could have avoided), but the lesson from this is interesting – the greatest amount of power comes from being nation-less. It’s almost the same as having your own nation. To have ultimate power, you either have your own nation (which is a fanciful fiction) or you devolve from nationality entirely.

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