Raspberry Pi: mount network share after reboot

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I bought another Pi, primarily because the web interface on my Seagate NAS is so terrible that I thought I’d access it with Tonido instead, and at £30 another Pi seemed like a no-brainer.

After a couple of not-relevant-here teething troubles with Tonido, I encountered a problem. I’d mounted the NAS fine on the Pi following these instructions but the drive wasn’t remounting on reboot, despite telling /etc/fstab to do so.

It turns out that the Pi runs /etc/fstab before the network has necessarily come up, thus trying to mount a resource that isn’t available yet.

The best solution I have found to this is joan’s solution on stack exchange. By using crontab to tell the Pi to wait 30 seconds before attempting to mount the share it allows time for the network to come up.

Several reboots later, the share has always been there.

Thanks, joan!

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