Base href, the simple solution

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I’ve been grappling for a while with a problem. The site I’d created, due to using mod_rewrite to create URLs that didn’t actually exist, was creating a virtual folder structure that meant that I was having to create specific sidebars and navigation elements that included the right level of linking.

This being a PHP site, I’d tried to resolve this by using variables such as $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] to try and automatically resolve the server address to provide a relative file path, but this had mixed results.

Turns out that the answer was the not frequently mentioned base html tag – this is a tag that I was sort of aware of, but had forgotten. Indeed, an otherwise excellent HTML book I read the other day didn’t even mention it…

Simply adding

 <base href = "" /> 

to the site made included headers, sidebars etc instantly portable, no matter the folder depth.

Of course, this being a PHP site, I set the base URL in my site’s config file i.e.

$baseurl = "";

then called that in my site header:

 <base href = "<?php echo $baseurl ?>" /> 

so I only have to change the config file for different servers/environments.

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