Apple vs. Wall Street

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Yesterday Apple reported profits of $13.1 billion for the last quarter, on revenue of $54.5 billion (a new record, for the record). Whilst this is less of a profit margin than in previous quarterly reports, it is still the fourth-biggest quarterly earning of any company in corporate history, and added to the results for the previous three quarters marks the biggest annual earning of any company anywhere in the world ever.

Wall Street reaction – shares drop 10%.

Apple made more in the last quarter than Wall Street darlings Amazon have ever made in total, full stop. Apple now has more cash reserves than the US government. Apple is making more money, faster, than any company has ever made. Apple is now so big that a 10% stock drop is worth as much as the value of two competitors, Nokia and RIM, added together and doubled.

Yet despite all this, the stock dropped 10%.

I have no evidence to support this, but the only conclusion I can draw from this is that someone, or some organisation, is trying to make a hell of a lot of money by deliberately shorting Apple stock. In all of this, that’s the only thing that adds up.

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